Six European teams in Pot 1 for World Cup draw – European Qualifiers – News

Six European groups in Pot 1 for World Cup draw – European Qualifiers – News

The 32-team line-up for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has been confirmed, with the hosts in addition to holders Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Poland and France in Pot 1 for the finals draw.

  • The closing event draw takes place on the Kremlin Palace in Moscow from 16:00CET (18:00 native time) on 1 December.
  • The finals run from 14 June to 15 July.


Watch ten stunning goals from qualifying

Watch ten gorgeous targets from qualifying

Pot 1

Russia (hosts)*
Germany (holders): FIFA rating 1
Brazil: 2
Portugal: three
Argentina: four
Belgium: 5
Poland: 6
France: 7

Pot 2

Spain: eight
Peru: 10
Switzerland: 11
England: 12
Colombia: 13
Mexico: 16
Uruguay: 17
: 18

European Qualifiers: Story of the road to Russia

European Qualifiers: Story of the street to Russia

Pot three

Denmark: 19
: 21
Costa Rica: 22
Sweden: 25
Tunisia: 28
Egypt: 30
Senegal: 32
Iran: 34

Pot four

Serbia: 38
Nigeria: 41
Australia: 43
Japan: 44
Morocco: 48
Panama: 49
South Korea: 62
Saudi Arabia: 63

*Hosts Russia are robotically positioned in place 1 of Group A


How the draw works

  • Teams have been positioned into seedings pots primarily based on the October 2017 FIFA World Ranking
  • Hosts Russia are robotically positioned in place 1 of Group A
  • The subsequent seven highest-ranked groups are in Pot 1 and can fill place 1 in the remainder of the teams
  • The subsequent eight groups are in Pot 2 and can fill place 2 in every group, and so forth for Pots three and four
  • No group can include greater than two groups from UEFA, or a couple of crew from another single confederation.

The finals: schedule

Group stage

Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow©Getty Images

Thursday 14 June
Russia v A2: 17:00CET, Moscow (Luzhniki)

Friday 15 June
A3 v A4, 14CET, Ekaterinburg
B3 v B4: 17CET, St Petersburg
B1 v B2: 20CET, Sochi

Saturday 16 June
C1 v C2: 12CET, Kazan
D1 v D2: 15CET, Moscow (Spartak)
C3 v C4: 18CET, Saransk
D3 v D4: 21CET: Kaliningrad

Sunday 17 June
E3 v E4: 14CET, Samara
F1 v F2: 17CET, Moscow (Luzhniki)
E1 v D2: 20CET, Rostov

Monday 18 June
F3 v F4: 14CET, Nizhny Novograd
G1 v G2: 17CET, Sochi
G3 v G4: 20CET, Volgograd

Tuesday 19 June
H1 v H2: 14CET, Moscow (Spartak)
H3 v H4: 17CET, Saransk
Russia v A3: 20CET, St Petersburg

Wednesday 20 June
B1 v B3: 14CET, Moscow (Luzhniki)
A4 v A2: 17CET, Rostov
B4 v B2: 20CET, Kazan

Thursday 21 June
C1 v C3: 14CET, Ekaterinburg
C4 v C2: 17CET, Samara
D1 v D3: 20CET, Nizhny Novograd

Friday 22 June
E1 v E3: 14CET, St Petersburg
D4 v D2: 17CET, Volgograd
E4 v E2: 20CET, Kaliningrad

Kazan Arena

Kazan Arena©Getty Images

Saturday 23 June
G1 v G3: 14CET, Moscow (Spartak)
F1 v F3: 17CET, Sochi
F4 v F2: 20CET, Rostov

Sunday 24 June
G4 v G2: 14CET, Nizhny Novograd
H4 v H2: 17CET, Ekaterinburg
H1 v H3: 20CET, Kazan

Monday 25 June
A4 v Russia: 16CET, Samara
A2 v A3: 16CET, Volgograd
B4 v B1: 20CET, Saransk
B2 v B3: 20CET, Kaliningrad

Tuesday 26 June
C4 v C1: 16CET, Moscow (Luzhniki)
C2 v C3: 16CET, Sochi
D4 v D1: 20CET, St Petersburg
D2 v D3: 20CET, Rostov

Wednesday 27 June
F4 v F1: 16CET, Kazan
F2 v F3: 16CET, Ekaterinburg
E4 v E1: 20CET, Moscow (Spartak)
E2 v E3: 20CET, Nizhny Novograd

Thursday 28 June
H4 v H1: 16CET, Volgograd
H2 v H3: 16CET, Samara
G4 v G1: 20CET, Kaliningrad
G2 v G3: 20CET, Saransk

Round of 16

Iceland are the first nation with a population of under one million to reach a World Cup

Iceland are the primary nation with a inhabitants of beneath a million to achieve a World Cup©AFP/Getty Images

Saturday 30 June
1 – Winner C v Runner-up D: 16CET, Kazan
2 – Winner A v Runner-up B: 20CET, Sochi

Sunday 1 July
three – Winner B v Runner-up A: 16CET, Moscow (Luzhniki)
four – Winner D v Runner-up C: 20CET, Nizhny Novograd

Monday 2 July
5 – Winner E v Runner-up F: 16CET, Samara
6 – Winner G v Runner-up H: 20CET, Rostov

Tuesday three July
7 – Winner F v Runner-up E: 16CET, St Petersburg
eight – Winner H v Runner-up G: 20CET, Moscow (Spartak)


Friday 6 July
QF1 – Winner 2 v Winner 1: 16CET, Nizhny Novograd
QF2 – Winner 5 v Winner 6: 20CET, Kazan

Saturday 7 July
QF3 – Winner 7 v Winner eight: 16CET, Samara
QF4 – Winner three v Winner four: 20CET, Sochi


Tuesday 10 July
SF1  – Winner QF1 v Winner QF2: 20CET, St Petersburg

Wednesday 11 July
SF2 – Winner QF4 v Winner QF3: 20CET, Moscow (Luzhniki)

Third place play-off:

Who will lift the trophy in 2018?

Who will raise the trophy in 2018?©Getty Images

Saturday 14 July
Loser SF1 v Loser SF2: 16CET, St Petersburg


Sunday 15 July
Winner SF1 v Winner SF2: 17CET, Moscow (Luzhniki)

Local instances: Kaliningrad CET, Samara CET+2, Ekaterinburg CET+three, Moscow and all different venues CET+1

More data will be discovered on FIFA’s official web site.

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